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Tips to get the most out of a system

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  • Tips to get the most out of a system

    There are several things you can do to improve the sound system on your boats. Although there is no one solution for everyone, there are several things that will help any system. There are things that you can also avoid that waste time and money and will not help your sound.

    1. Get your Mid/Higs up where they can be heard. Having speakers low in the boat such as under the rear bench waste power and sound. It will take alot more speakers and power to hear them compared to having them up higher.

    2. Just because a speaker is rated at 300 watts does not mean it is better than a speaker rated at 100 watts. Look at other specs such as 1w/1m measurements. A speaker that is more efficiante will give you more sound per watt.

    3. Using dissimilar speakers will cause you problems. Mixing different speakers such as 6x9's and 6.5", different brands such as JBL and Clarion, can all cause frequency cancelations. When ever possible use all the same speaker, this will result in the easiest system setup and best possible sound.

    4. Get the right power to the speakers. Under powering speakers will always result in poor sound/performance. The right power for mid/highs is atleast the RMS power, having an extra 10% is better. For subs it is good to have atleast 125% of the RMS power, 150% is best.
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    Re: Tips to get the most out of a system

    Excellent suggestions, couldn't agree more. The only thing I might add is to make sure you set your crossover points (hp/lp filters) correctly especially your high pass for your mids and highs. If you don't cut enough bass out of them, they will start distorting before you can get all of the sound out of them. I tend to set my hp filters around 100 - 120hz.