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Hooking up Multiple Boats to one audio source

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  • Hooking up Multiple Boats to one audio source

    Hi all, not sure if anyone else has run into this but I know when I am at the lake hooked up to a line of boats you always get that group of boaters that like to crank their music to the max where you are stuck listening to bits and peices of different songs playing at the same time. Some of our boater friends use the FM transmittors but they just dont offer the sound quality and reliability you would hope to have in 2022.

    I just got done trying out a new thing I found made my wetsounds. Its a link transmittor that basically hooks up via a 3.5 headphone jack between your phone and the radio. You then have another transmittor on a friends boat going to their 3.5 jack. So far so good. Great sound quality and it is supposed to work to up to 100ft range. You can hook up around 5 transmittors at the same time too which is basically all I have for friends anyways lol

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