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1992 Baja 236

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  • 1992 Baja 236

    Hey Guys i bought this boat last year. Have nothing on it no manual nothing but the title Has a brand new 454 in it about 30 mins of run time had to replace the starter. Put the new one in and it stripped out the gears inside again. what could have caused this . where can i find any information about this boat like where the vents for the motor go and how does it hook up.

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    Re: 1992 Baja 236

    just wanted to let everyone know i found out the issue . low cranking amps on the battery and the timing was out 180 degrees. got it running but it got hot again. impeller was bad waiting for the new one to come in. does anyone know how are where to find out how to hook up the engine compartment vent system ? i have everything thing i need in the engine compartment just don't know how to hook it up.


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      If your blower motor and all your tube is already installed under the hatch, then you should have a blower switch on your dash, run your power to the switch and ground your blower and you should be set. The blower motor should have a positive and negative coming out of it.

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        Re: 1992 Baja 236

        The blower needs to be set up to suck air from the lower part of the bilge and exhaust it out thru the vents. So the bottom of the hose that comes out the bottom of the blower (do you have 3" or 4" diameter hose?) will be fastened to where it is about 3" or so above the bottom of the bilge, then the top of the hose that exits the blower will be hooked to whatever vent you have.

        I actually just added a second blower to my boat, when I added a second battery. Maybe this picture will help.
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