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1989 Baja Sport 226

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  • 1989 Baja Sport 226

    A friend and I have bought a project. We have a 1989 Baja Sport 226 and we are in the process of replacing the stringers and the flooring. Not to mention the engine, pumps, etc. Basically we have it down to a shell. I have looked all over to see if I could find a diagram/drawing with specs and measurements. I am having no luck. Can someone please put me on the right path to finding said information? Also..thoughts on floatation foam. Who sells it or where can I find it? I am a city boy from philly so please be gentle with all of the "land lover" name calling...LOL!!!

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    I highly doubt there's a drawing that exists. I hope you did detailed drawings prior to tearing into it.

    Check with XT a innovations about the foam they probably know.

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      Re: 1989 Baja Sport 226

      Search the web for the materials.. I would use vinylester resins and 1708 bi-axial cloths when glassing everything back together.. Use douglas fir plywood laminated and screwed together for the stringers and douglas fir plywood for the bulkheads all marine grade of course..I'm not sure if that boat has the wood floor covered in carpet or the fiberglass liner floor..If it's wood again use the marine grade plywood, coat the underside with resin before installing it in the boat..As for the foam use closed cell just because it doesnt soak up water when it gets wet!!! Hope this helps, and post plenty of pics when you get the project started, I went thru the same thing with my boat!!!

      Oh check the transom really good chances are it's got some rot issues also!!